Guiding Principles

Silo Group is known for its industry-leading, research driven commercial real estate expertise.

Through our guiding principles, we look to empower our clients with specialized knowledge, competitive advantages, and solutions that pave the way to the best real estate strategy.

Put Our Clients’ Interests Ahead of Our Own: If we focus on making our clients successful, then we will be successful.

Govern Our Actions: Our daily conduct always aims to enhance and protect our reputation.

Promises We Make: We will fulfill promises we have made to our clients.

Our Work: Everything we do has to be something we can be proud of.  We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in all assignments

Don’t Be Lazy: Do what is right instead of what is easy. 

In The Loop: Communication is the key to obtaining the results we look to achieve.

Integrity: We play to win. We will win the right way, by the rules. 

Valuable Knowledge: We tirelessly seek information to aid our clients in making the best possible decision.

Pursuit of Innovation: Sometimes the old way may still be the best way; for all the other times, we will relentlessly pursue a better solution to a client's needs. The world of commercial real estate continues to evolve and we cannot afford to be victims of complacency.

Relationships Are Earned by serving our clients well and adding real value to their business.

Our Competitors: We must be fair to fellow competitors and must never degrade other firms or compromise our integrity.