Opinion of Value

To assist our clients with making the best buy, hold, and sell decisions, we provide them with a complimentary opinion of value and asset analysis.  We combine our market knowledge, current sales trends, submarket studies, and current bank underwriting standards to maximize value and deliver the most accurate assessment possible.

Complimentary Asset Analysis/Opinion of Value [click here]

Financial Analysis

To help our clients stay ahead of the market and achieve superior returns on their investments, we use two of the most widely used performance measures in the industry, Return on Equity (ROE) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analysis. After severl years of ownership, many of our clients have built substantial equity in a property that remains unrealized.  As a result, their ROE is lower than anticipated and can be substantially increased by selling or refinancing and redeploying the equity.   We use IRR calculations for more complex projects to properly account for differing annual cash flows, value-added scenarios, and optimal hold periods.

Property Management

Silo Group adds value to our client’s properties through our property management services.   We work diligently to control costs and expenses. These savings translate to higher investor returns and tenant retention. Asset owners benefit from our services due to a hands-on proactive approach. We ensure accountability through monthly documented reports generated for each property.


Our firm provides a range of leasing services to clients with existing properties as well as new construction projects. To ensure our client’s goals are met, we make recommendations based upon: